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As I was looking through my music collection today, I put on an older album of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a UK pop artist whose music I’m a fan of. I bought her last album, Make a Scene, via in late 2012.

“Make a Scene” album cover

It occurred to me that here was a reading opportunity. I wondered if the lovely Ms. Ellis-Bextor had anything new coming up musically, so I whipped out my trusty French Cartomancy Lenormand deck for a five card spread.

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In my previous post, I used the tarot to take a look at the impact of Justin Bieber’s arrest on his career. As a followup, I thought it would be interested to see what the Lenormand has to say about the same thing. I used my Lenormand ASS Bilder deck — my second favorite deck — and a nine-card square.
I chose the central significator card, the Moon, because I’m looking at the effect on his career, which is basically being a celebrity. So the Moon seemed more appropriate to me than the working man’s Anchor.
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I thought to do a quick reading this morning, as I drink my morning coffee (Godiva brand pumpkin flavor — was on sale — yum!). I used my Gilded Reverie app and did a two-card reading.

Ship – Tower

Sorry the image looks so small. The app journal export (via email) is low resolution.

My intent was to see what’s in store for my workday.

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Sometimes the Lenormand are so spot-on or literal that it both amazes me and makes me laugh. The Brits would say the cards are being cheeky at times like that! This is an example of such a reading I did this morning.

ASS Lenormand cards in the Square of Nine

I didn’t have a particular question in mind; I was mainly interested in practicing this spread, which isn’t a regular part of my repertoire. The central card should provide the focus of the reading, and this case, it is the Fish. (A list of the cards as spread can be found at the end of this post.)

As many of my readers know, I use the card meanings as presented in Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, where the Fish is primarily a card of business, entrepreneurs and independence. I’ve been starting to associate the Fish with my personal projects — they may be like a business and require some work on my part, and often have a schedule or deadline. I figured that must be the Fish’s meaning… then it hit me: the Literal Lenormand strikes again!

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Newbies to the Lenormand are at some point inundated with long lists of card combinations. These are lengthy but non-exhaustive lists of how each card might be read when paired with another. This is understandably daunting to the newcomer, who often thinks that these all have to be memorized in order to do a good Lenormand reading.

I have good news: these lists are meant to be samples of how cards work together, and don’t need to be memorized. They illustrate how their author thinks about the cards and how they might work for that author in a reading. It’s important not to fall into the trap of thinking that they are rules for card interactions. They are examples, no more.

So it’s important to go beyond these lists and develop your own way of determining how Lenormand cards interact.

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Welcome to the first ever audio blog entry for Jase On Cards! I had always wanted to do a podcast; and sometimes I’d like to get my thoughts up without having to write and edit everything into the usual neat package. So I thought I would try an audio blog post. This is a “quick-and-dirty,” without any special audio processing or sound effects. That said, I think it sounds decent.

I also admit that doing a practice reading this way was a lot harder than I thought it would be! The editing and typing I usually do gives me a lot of time to polish, which is missing when I’m speaking into a voice recorder. :) However, I’m still willing to put myself out there with this. And practice makes perfect, right?

Hit me in the comments or email, and let me know what you think about this audio blog post!

The subject is a no-layout Lenormand reading for a hypothetical woman named Joanie, who wants to know the outcome if she accepts a new job she’s been offered. The cards are below, for your reference. Listen to the mp3 for my take on these.

Scythe + Lily + Tree + Lady + Dog  + Man + Fish

Cross + Tower + Crossroads + Fox + Clover + Bear + Mice

Listen: Jase On Cards – Aug 14, 2010 (mp3)

Long time, no see, gentle readers! I haven’t done much with cards for a while, and so I haven’t had a lot to write about. My break has been good to refresh my mind and my energy, although I still have many things to juggle right now.

I have a meeting at work this afternoon, and to get some Lenormand reading practice in, I asked about the outcome.

This is the no-layout method, charging the Garden as the keycard to focus the reading. It’s a small meeting but I still think the Garden –  people, public and meetings — is appropriate. I’d considered the Birds but as I might want them to highlight some communication aspect, I felt it best to stick with Garden.

Snake + Tree + Key + Garden + Sun + Lady + Anchor

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The Lenormand Heart card speaks of love, feelings and emotions. The Whip for me is about strife, conflict and discord.


Heart + Whip: Fight with a loved one.


Whip + Heart: An emotional argument.

As anyone who’s been reading my blog knows, I’ve been searching for a home to buy, and doing readings related to the hunt for a house. Not all of them have been posted here.

I did finally fall in love with a house. The only downside I could see was its location on a busier street. I did some readings regarding this house and its suitability, and none of them were ever really positive. Cross had shown up to describe this house, even when next to Heart, making me think of “the burden of ownership.”

Garden had popped up a couple of times, and the best I could figure was to relate it to the busy location. The reality turned out to be quite different. The house is settling too much, indicating a likely problem with the foundation. In retrospect, Garden seems a good representative of the foundation itself. In this light, here are two card combinations that came up.


Garden + Mice: something “eating away” at, or eroding, the foundation.


Garden + Bear: the foundation needs to be strengthened; needs a lot of work.

Sometimes readings do make more sense after the fact, and this is one of those cases. The upside of this is that particular pairings will have more meaning for the reader in future. I’ve certainly expanded my repertoire for the Garden card!

A helpful exercise for getting better at any deck of cards is to work in reverse. That is, come up with the message or answer that the cards have to tell, then figure out which cards would say it. Over at Art of Cartomancy, we are currently practicing this exercise as a game, just for fun.

Here is an example of this exercise. You can certainly create scenarios with less drama, although they may not be as entertaining for others. :) This question is on behalf of Monica, a woman who comes to you in tears.

“I just can’t take it anymore! *sob, sob* My office job is boring. I can’t stop eating cake. I’m addicted to soap operas. And I got a bad perm! *sob, sob* But I need to know the truth about my relationship with Brad. Are we heading for marriage?”

The answer for this poor lady is no, because Brad is two-timing her. He’s seeing one (or more) other women, and looking for someone he can take financial advantage of. A marriage proposal would be unlikely, and would only be for ulterior motives. Brad’s more interested in stringing his women along at this point.

You’ve heard the question and you know the answer. The challenge: say it with a line of Lenormand cards! There is no right or wrong here, as long as the basic answer is conveyed, along with any embellishment that doesn’t change the answer.


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