I am doing a daily draw to see if it reflects anything that happened today. Also, I want to use the French tradition for my interpretation. (I’m used to the German tradition and meanings, so this is some effort for me!) This mostly affects the Anchor in this draw.


Ongoing discussions or more likely arguments are coming to an end.

I did have a situation along these lines at work today. My department is periodically reviewed by another department, and these reviews involve a lot of discussion where I may be on the receiving end of interviewing, and subsequently providing information.

Today it was decided that these interviews (Whip) have become too frequent and involved, and they take a lot of time; and effectively drag me down (Anchor). So to alleviate this and back me up, in a way, future interviews will involve the participation of management to act as a buffer. This is an end to how things have been done (Coffin).