When I was first working with Chita Lawrence’s card reading method, I did some readings for people using her Quick Cut and Five-Card Draw. One of the readings can be summarized as follows:

Q heart to K club (Q heart significator; K club older man or co-worker)
… 9 club (business; place of business)
… 10 heart (great happiness)
… K heart (man, could be a sweetheart or significant other)

I read this as the querent being interested in a co-worker, and there was a good chance they’d find happiness together and start a relationship. It seemed like the “flow” of cards to me at the time.

My sitter was kind enough to follow up with me on the situation, and looking back at this reading, I was blown away at its simple accuracy — if only I’d read the cards more literally, as they had fallen!

9 club 10 heart K heart : Her love interest (K heart) is busy finding his happiness (10 heart) at work (9 club). A mutually known co-worker (K club) is interfering with the potential relationship, and therefore is between them. His antics have been on the querent’s mind.

Basically, the love interest chose his work over the querent, due in part to interference from this co-worker.

When it hit me as I reviewed the original reading in light up the feedback, I was floored. I realized the cards matched the reality that occurred, although my initial interpretation was faulty. Notably, I thought the King of Clubs would became the King of Hearts, rather than being two different people.

The lesson? Try to see what is truly there in the cards. Remember that although the cards are likely right, the particular interpretation may not manifest. I understand that even experienced readers run into this over time; we’re all human. Good old-fashioned human error can appear anywhere. Regina Russell, an experienced and respected reader of playing cards, wrote that we can expect 80-85% accuracy. Something to keep in mind.

I’d love to hear similar stories from any of my readers. Please leave a comment if you have something to share!