This post title is quite provocative and no doubt got your attention. Sadly, I don’t have an insider’s track on predicting when to play the lottery and win, or even how to pick lottery numbers. (Although I’ve seen a tarot spread for doing just that.)

Rather, I had responded to someone’s question regarding her experiments in this area. She played the lottery after predicting a lottery win and the circumstances around the winner. She was excited, thinking that if she played that day she would win, based on her tarot cards. But the winner was someone else. She wondered how to focus on the cards on herself for this kind of prediction?

My working theory on this is that predicting a lottery, particularly those multi-million-dollar lotteries, is tougher than other predictions. There are a lot of theories about this. Mine is that it’s tough because so many people have their hopes, dreams, prayers and magical acts pinned to the lottery. It’s an event that so many people are trying to sway, whether intentionally or unconsciously. I suspect it’s not a matter of “can’t predict,” but a matter of having to be really good and able to disregard the thousands of people involved, who have so much emotion tied up in their hopes and dreams of winning. I don’t even know if that’s possible.

I think narrowing the focus of the cards is less an issue than being able to ignore a large portion of humanity’s raw “energy.”

Any contrasting stories to share on this one? You know the drill; leave ’em in the comments!