Today’s practice for Lenormand combinations is Ring and Snake.


Ring + Snake

The first thought that popped into my mind before I could even think about typing up this exercise is a lost ring. I know that loss is usually shown by the Mice; but this could be a case where a person’s ring was misplaced, around the kitchen sink or bathroom. Or heaven forbid down the drain! This is because of the shape of the Snake: it can represent things like pipes and plumbing, and therefore in my mind, the associated areas with those. In this case, the Ring would literally represent a ring of commitment — a wedding ring.

Ring = relationship, contract, partnership. Snake = detour, a woman.

This could be a relationship with a woman (NOT the partner, that would be the Lady). Or, a detour in getting a contract — things didn’t go as planned. Sometimes the Snake is “the other woman” to me, so this could be an affair. In a full spread, one would also have to consider cards like Heart and Lady to make that call. This combination could also represent a backstabbing partner, which would spell trouble in business.

Once again, context matters.