The Lenormand Ring is the card for relationships and partnerships, whether romantic or otherwise. Thus is can talk about a marriage, a partner, a business deal or the contract involved with purchase of a home. If reading about a romantic relationship, Ring is one of the primary cards to consider, as it speaks to the relationship itself.


In question of romance, the Heart can be considered as well, and this is about someone’s actual feelings. So the Heart is a person’s heart, or emotional state; versus the Ring representing the actual relationship. This is important to distinguish because not all relationships are happy ones. Think of the happiness of a mutually enamored couple who are recently engaged, versus a married couple with both spouses having affairs. Both people might show signs of commitment by the Ring, but very different circumstances around the Heart.


For questions about a business deal involving a partnership or contract, Ring would be a primary card, although looking into financial aspects — for me, the Fish — would also be helpful. Think of a business contract worth thousands: the Ring could show mutual satisfaction with the deal itself, but the Fish could be near cards that indicate loss of money, to warn of the outcome.

Generally, more than one “key” or “significator” card can be considered for any given situation, and looking at more than one allows the cartomantic detective to apply proper due diligence, hopefully achieving a more accurate answer for the questioner regarding any situation.