Yesterday I did a quick tarot reading for someone using a three card draw as a followup to an initial reading. It was a relationship question, and the three cards I drew were 7 of Swords, 5 of Pentacles and Knight of Wands.

This was a reading where I didn’t need to muse over the cards to understand their message. I instantly had a snapshot of the answer from glancing at these three. I don’t feel that these cards bode well for a relationship, going by divinatory meanings and the related imagery. I also noticed a lack of water element cards, which surprised me. That doesn’t seem like a good sign for matters of the heart, as it implies a lack of emotional consideration in the situation.

After the first few seconds, this reading was a matter of me trying to explain the cards to the questioner in a way that justified my initial gut feeling, by backing it up with details unfurled from this cluster of cards. This was an online, non-interactive reading; so I was not able to ask questions and clarify certain aspects of this situation. Regardless, I didn’t see a positive outcome from these cards, and this was an almost-instant flash of intuition.

Others have pondered this matter: that a card reading’s outcome is known on some level, at first glance. The reading process is simply picking through the mental chaff to pull little kernels of truth, which are woven into a cohesive story that delivers the knowledge the questioner seeks. This simple reading of mine really hit this idea home, and it makes sense.

An analogy might be reading the dust jacket blurb about a novel. One gets a fairly good idea of what to expect from the blurb, but reading the whole book is necessary to fully grasp the tale contained within.

Cartomancers, have you experienced this? Does it occur frequently, or rarely? What kind of cards speak to you this way? You know the drill: share your stories in the comments.