This Lenormand reading is for an anonymous person “D,” in regards to a job interview. The question is: Will D get a job offer from the company?

I did a no-layout with the Fox as key card. For those of you who don’t know, the no-layout method can use two cards or three on either side of the key card, depending on whether the extra cards fit the story or provide relevant information. Normally I decide in advance how many to use because it’s not always clear to me that the extra cards are meaningful.

In this case, I wanted to start with two cards on each side and decide if the third adds value. I was tempted to stick with five cards, as some of my readings have been ambiguous with seven. But I thought I’d make the effort to analyze whether five or seven were needed, as a learning experience.

Snake + Fish + Clover + Fox + Ring + Crossroads + Heart

I originally didn’t think Snake offered useful information, but feedback from a friend suggested it could be providing information about why the job is being offered, so I will keep it. Heart seems useful as it shows where things go after the turning point of the Crossroads.

Clover + Fox suggests that the job would be a good opportunity if offered. Ring + Fox emphasizes the fact that a job offer is at stake here.

Looking at the left, it appears that problems with the business (Snake + Fish) have led to this opportunity (Clover) being offered.

Looking to the right, I feel this answers my question: D will need to make a decision regarding a job offer (Ring + Crossroads)! Heart is, I suppose, optional; but it emphasizes my gut reaction with the happy emotions that I know D will feel when he gets a job offer. It also gives a positive direction to the Crossroads, and implies that D is likely to accept the offer.

Some readers may note that I phrased my question as, “Will D get the job offer?” instead of, “Will D get the job?” This in intentional because I wanted to emphasize that D has the choice to accept or decline an offer.

And these cards certainly indicate that D will have to make that choice!