Another day, another oracle reading. 🙂

I recently tried my hand again at the aforementioned Oracle of Fortuna method. I’ve been looking for a home again, so as with many of my earliest posted readings, I asked a question related to that.

Specifically, I asked if I would buy a house from our “list.” My partner and I have a web portal set up by our realtor. This page features a list of homes that meet our search criteria.

Somewhat surprisingly, I won the game, which according to the system is an unequivocal yes. This is the first time I’ve won a game by this method.

I didn’t do a full detailed planetary analysis, but the most important planet at the time was Mercury. I attribute this planet to the tarot Magician, and generally speaking that means things are within my power. This was interesting because in a previous question about a habit I wanted to change, the most important planet was also Mercury. So in both cases it would seem that I have the ability to move forward and doing so is the most important aspect related to my goals.

However, Ophiel doesn’t consider the tarot relationships of the planets; he considers the things that fall under planetary jurisdiction, in astrological terms. I admit that I’m not very fluent in that yet. However, I think of messages, news, communication, the internet and things along this line. As I search for a home, it makes sense to keep my ears open; stay in touch with my realtor; listen to any independent sources; and take advantage of modern methods of searching via the web. By doing these things, I am in tune with the forces in play at the time I cast this reading via the Oracle of Fortuna.

Air was the first element, in terms of the order the four Aces turned up in the reading. I’m not sure yet how important this is, because although Ophiel mentions that the Aces should be kept in the order they appear, I didn’t notice where he considers them in analyzing the reading. In this method, Air is the elemental force of air and corresponds to the idea of movement. This would indicate that things are in motion, or that I need to keep moving myself. Both of these things seem self-evident, I admit, but sometimes reminders are good!