Anyone who follows tech news in even a cursory fashion has probably heard that Apple is expected to launch a new tablet-based product today. (Think of a supersized iPhone.) Rumors have been flying for months. I stopped paying attention to the rumors because I think it’s gotten out of hand — an analyst even announced a delay of the release of this product that hasn’t been officially announced. Still, with the big show being put on by Apple today, I thought it would be good practice for some predictive tarot reading.

I used a four card layout which is sometimes referred to as the Tetragrammaton layout, as it is based on the Caballistic formula of YHVH. It is also the preliminary step of the Golden Dawn’s Opening of the Key. The deck is divided into four piles, and from right to left, the piles correspond to fire, water, air and earth (elemental forces). Each card is dignified according to how its element relates to the element of the pile. For example: fire or air on top of fire are quite strong; earth on top of fire is moderately strong; and water on top of fire is greatly weakened.

This spread can be analyzed to provide a lot of nuances if desired. I like it because it’s quicker than something like Opening of the Key, or a spread that utilizes many cards and possibly card counting, yet it can provide much detail. I admit that I’m a bit rusty as I haven’t used this spread for a few months. Without further ado, let’s see what I came up with.

“What can we expect to see from Apple’s presentation today?”

3 of Discs – Ace of Swords – 9 of Cups – 4 of Discs

(Abbreviations: 3D, AS, 9C, and 4D respectively.)

Let me first say I got chills looking at this layout. It seems at a glance to be a strong, powerful reading. Very favorable. That’s my gut reaction.

Now for the elemental combinations:

Cards: Earth – Air – Water – Earth
Bases: Earth – Air – Water – Fire

I think it’s interesting to see that three of these cards’ elements match up with their base. So the 4D is moderately strengthened, and all of the others cards are very strong.


The 4 of Discs, power, suggests that Apple is on strong ground. They are going to be in their element today (no pun intended). They’ve got a firm foundation on which to grow, in general, and I think whatever they have to say today will consolidate their position. The fiery base could represent their direction as a creative and visionary company — one that is bold and matches the fire of its CEO Steve Jobs — while the earth card shows that they are grounded in reality. (Whereas a fiery wand here could have overbalanced things.) It also suggests practicality to me, and whatever they have to say, it’s going to be down-to-earth. If there is a tablet device announced it will likely stay close to Apple’s current business model, and not match the wilder pie-in-the-sky rumors of its potential abilities.


The 9 of Cups, happiness, is very strong in its position. It indicates rampant joy, or perhaps the giddiness that is sometimes experienced at these events. It seems likely that Apple’s presentation will bring joy to the fans. This is positive, as when Apple doesn’t meet people’s expectations at these events, they tend to howl with displeasure (however unjustified in my opinion).


An Ace is beginnings and potentials; and the Ace of Swords can also be force brought to bear. Here it is at home in its element of air, so it is also very strong. I think Apple is going to be taking charge with whatever they announce today, as they firmly grasp their sword of truth and reason to direct people’s expectations and realities accordingly. This also connotes the strong mind with ideas, and Apple has always been a company with plenty of good ideas. I would suspect that some of these ideas will be embodied in today’s presentation.


The 3 of Discs, works, is another strong card. More properly, this is about material works and “Getting Things Done.” An earth card in earth is very strong. Some read this pairing as a general inertia, and in some situations it can be so. The earth spot can also be used to indicate the future, so the power of work being accomplished — products being made — could be where Apple will be after we witness today’s presentation. I would go with the latter in this reading.


That’s where the interpretation stopped in the original use of this spread, which simply provided a high-level overview for the subject of a reading. It’s possible to read elemental dignities between the individual cards in this layout; although I rarely do, as I feel it contradicts the fact that each pile’s position provides dignity.

I’ve been typing this as I go through the layout; so I’m going to step back now and synthesize the whole, with a sense for what I feel about this reading. My eye is drawn to the 3D and AS; I can’t help but group them as a pair. (Yes, elementally they would weaken each other, but I’m not reading dignities between the cards as I mentioned above. This shows you how my personal style works, as sometimes rules are followed in an organic fashion, when intuition steps in. I know at least one other reader who works this way.)

That pair, AS and 3D, feel like a calm triumph and a new dawn as I look at the Thoth renditions.  Yet the 3D is also a down-to-earth card, so I can’t feel that there is an earth-shattering revelation here. If anything, an evolution based on existing ideas. The 9C as happiness seems to stand alone, and this card is why I feel that the audience will be satisfied with the outcome. This suggests that expectations are met, which in turn suggests to me that rumors are likely to come true, fulfilling some peoples’ desires.

The 4D is a power base. This card shows Sun in Capricorn, and even with my minimal astrology, I see this as a good combination for business. “Look at me, I’m getting things done and making my territory!” this card might say. The towers in the Thoth also depict the four elements, and this is a hint that everything is under control. Consolidation also comes to my mind.

Again, three of the four elements match between card and base, and the fourth is at least friendly. I think this signifies a fairly harmonious event, one which won’t displease the audience. The earth cards tell of a stable future, led by emotion and ideas. The drive of fire is missing, and I’m not sure what that means. Perhaps decisions were made with shareholders in mind, and things will proceed logically (methodically) rather than rampantly. This goes back to evolution not revolution.

Will Apple announce a tablet today? Based on these cards I’d have to say yes. I think it will be a device that makes people happy by its very existence, but it also seems likely to be an evolutionary device in its own way. It will build on Apple’s strengths without taking big risks.

So that’s how things look to me. I got to practice, and hopefully you got some ideas on reading tarot. I wish I had my Lenormand here with me, it might have been interested to add it to the mix to see if I could pull some more concrete aspects. We’ll see how I did later this afternoon.