Yesterday I posted a tarot reading predicting the outcome of the Apple presentation. This was the summary:

Will Apple announce a tablet today? Based on these cards I’d have to say yes. I think it will be a device that makes people happy by its very existence, but it also seems likely to be an evolutionary device in its own way. It will build on Apple’s strengths without taking big risks.

Apple did in fact announce the tablet computing device, dubbed the iPad. I would say that it’s evolutionary, reminding me of a large iPhone or iPod Touch: a touchscreen device with internet access and one main button. It’s a bit more powerful than these devices, and will have functionality that takes advantage of the increased processing power and larger screen; but generally speaking it’s like a big iPhone (minus the phone).

As far as I can tell from journalists who were present, the audience was pleased; and I can say that several people I know are excited about the new product. Apple will indeed build on their existing strengths, not only with their iPhone experience, but leveraging their iTunes Store experience. The new device will open up a new avenue for purchasing or reading eBooks.

While skeptics could say this was a safe “guess” on my part, I have to say that my “guess” was based on interpreting the cards which showed up in the context of my question. After all, I could have gotten cards that indicated a lack of progress or fast talk with no action. As my friend said:

The cards mean what they mean, so the fact that the cards agreed with what [some] analysts had to say doesn’t detract from the fact that the cards were right, and your interpretation was right!

That’s about all I have to say on this subject.