Actor Corey Haim died at age 38 today, likely due to a drug overdose. Corey Haim (half of “the two Coreys” as he and Corey Feldman were usually referenced) was a part of my younger days in those pastel-tinged 1980’s.

Perhaps some of my readers will know Haim from his appearance in the movie Lost Boys, a vampire flick that has grown in popularity over time. Keifer Sutherland, lately of 24 fame, was also in this movie. Not to mention Dianne Weist and Fedlman. I saw Lost Boys several times, of course; and it was one of those movie favorites shared with my best bud at the time.

I liked everything Corey appeared in, even the dubious Dean Kuntz adaptation, Watchers. Being a young teenager, I wanted to dress like Corey, smile (with a hint of smugness) like Corey, even adopt some of his mannerisms. Hey, I was impressionable and it was the 80’s, that’s what us kids did. Nevermind the fact that I probably harbored a crush on some level.

I wasn’t intending to blog about this, but in reading the reflective post by Tarot Dame today, I couldn’t help but acknowledge where my memories line up with hers; of this person who was a bright light in our impressionable youths. (And she describes his smile as crooked!) I think her reading is lovely, showing how the tarot can assist in processing memories or emotions of the past, and for positively honoring this troubled man.

So I encourage you to visit her blog for this insightful reading. Even if you don’t know who Corey Haim is, perhaps you’ll appreciate the sentiment behind it, and see another facet of the tarot reflecting life.

Rest in Peace, Corey Haim (1971-2010).