In the method taught by Sylvie Steinbach to read Lenormand cards, the reader first charges any key cards. This might be described as tuning into the subject of a reading so that any charged cards become that person or thing for the reading. A relationship reading might charge cards to represent the female consultant (Lady), her boyfriend (Man) and their relationship (Ring).

For some reason this simple step has been quite controversial. I’m not sure why. The traditional Lenormand readers believe that Man and Lady, for example, automatically represent the client and significant other. I can respect that. What happens if they have multiple others to deal with? Then they have to depend on surrounding cards to determine who’s who. A charged card eliminates the question. Either way, both camps seem happy with their approach.

Even if a person disagrees with the idea that a card is charged with a person’s vibrations, it’s reasonable to say that the reader is setting a mental convention for the reading, by establishing the key players in advance. Tarot and playing card readers have been doing his for years; it’s called choosing a significator.

Some people swear it has improved their accuracy, and others feel that this step is silly or makes no sense. Whatever one’s belief, more focus in a reading sounds like a good thing to me. I say try it, and if it doesn’t improve your readings or accuracy, then ditch it. Liked any other technique. If you’re new to the no-layout method of reading Lenormand, then charge cards and use the technique as taught; then you can evaluate your practice after gaining some experience.

For myself, charging the Lenormand cards has become second nature, and I don’t really think about it. I mentally identify the key cards as I’m shuffling, and put my focus on the question, which is something I do when shuffling to read with any of my cards. It doesn’t feel like a mystical act to me, but it does assist with my focus. And when I’m focused, I have better readings.