Last post, I’d started an overview of a relationship reading using the Celtic Cross. I looked at the elemental balance, and the central cards. This post will continue the analysis of this spread.

Summary of Positions with Cards

1. Covers – issue at hand – 8 of Wands

2. Crosses – obstacles – 4 of Swords

3. Beneath – situation root or subconscious – 5 of Swords

4. Behind – recent past – Emperor

5. Above – goal or striving towards – 5 of Pentacles

6. Before – near future – Queen of Wands

7. You – querent in this situation – 7 of Cups

8. House – environment or people around querent – 3 of Wands

9. Hopes and Fears – 5 of Wands

10. Outcome – Death

What Lies Beneath

The 5 of Swords is at the root of the cross, and can indicate the root of the matter; a foundation event or perhaps the subconscious approach to the subject of the reading. This card in general is a card of defeat, and perhaps everybody loses something with this card. Visually this looks like a young man who wants to “hear no evil” and some associate this card with gossip. As my subconscious motivation perhaps, this is a tricky card and one that maybe indicates my desire to avoid dealing with this issue; pretending its not there until it goes away on its own. I am dealing with it, but it is an approach I have taken in my life with other things.

The 5 of Pentacles is at the top of the cross, and isn’t a pleasant card to see either, as this could be something to be hoped for, or that I am striving for. I wouldn’t intentionally strive for loss! Some read this card as a “dark night of the soul,” and that is certainly how I feel at the moment I am typing this. It’s one thing to analyze a relationship and logically know how things stand and where they need to be improved, and that things aren’t truly falling down. It’s a different thing though when one is in the middle of such a situation and emotions are involved — they aren’t so readily controlled and soothed. In my case it is causing inner turmoil. Visually the person on the card is perhaps oblivious to those coins in the snow, and could easily miss them (and their implication of an earthy foundation) while moving forward in misery. I don’t want that to happen to be.

These two cards are elemental opposites when considered as a pair: the air and earth are enemies, and tend to weaken each other. So in one sense neither card may be as strong as it first seems when considered alone. However, this also shows the agitation of thoughts that cannot find a grip on being made real; plans or directions that crumble to nothing. I feel a little bit of that too.

Past and Future

Emperor in the past, on the left; Queen of Wands in the future, on the right. The past card makes good sense to me, indicating how I tend to be in control, or at least feel like that. I consider myself the dominant personality in my relationship. I think I also provide a greater sense of stability, in a familial sense. For the Queen in the future I would normally look for a woman, but I don’t feel that makes sense in this reading. Perhaps I need to step back from being an authoritative Emperor, to a firm but nurturing Queen? Both are fire cards, so this aspect of a transition in my personality as the future comes makes sense to me.

The Staff

The 7 of Cups represents me. That is true. If feel a bit jaded and disillusioned, and I wonder if I’m missing other opportunities even though I know that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

My environment is the 3 of Wands. Alternatively, some people read this as how others see me. I suppose this means I have a stable environment from which to base my actions. This is true. I am moving soon, but either way, I have a place to be. And whatever emotional turmoil I may be going through at the moment, realistically I know that my life is generally stable and secure at this time. I’ll have to keep reminding myself of that when I get worked up.

Hopes and fears is the argumentative 5 of Wands, showing strife as people who don’t see eye to eye argue. I have a hard time dealing with conflict, and I suppose I am afraid at times to start discussing relationship issues with my partner because it could be conflict. Especially if we feel differently about the other. Once I get going I’m fine, but it can be hard to take that first step and initiate conflict.

The outcome, as mentioned, is Death. Something will change; and something definitely needs to change. Does it mean the relationship is over? It could, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a breakup. With Death and the Fives, I definitely think it means change needs to happen. The current relationship cannot and will not continue as it exists today. I admit I’m more confident in this interpretation because I had an independent reading (as mentioned in part 1) which said much the same.

Fin (for Now)

So there you have it, an overview of my Celtic Cross spread. My next step will be to analyze this as a linear string of cards, and see if card counting can shed any further light on the subject.