This is my summary of a playing card reading “spread” called the Quick Cut, from Chita St. Lawrence in her out-of-print book, It’s All in the Cards. You can read more about her book and methods in this old post of mine.

The Quick Cut is just that: cutting the deck of playing cards and reading the two cards revealed. It provides a quick answer; and is intended to last for up to a month. (Which is good if the answer indicates blockage!) It is excellent for a quick overview; or as a first reading for a sitter, which can be followed up with more in-depth readings to explore the situation.

Shuffle, then take the deck of cards (which is face down) and split in the middle. Turn the top pile face up and put it to the left, as if opening a book. The card that is now showing, which is from the middle
of the deck, is the “inner card.” The bottom half of the deck is turned over and kept on the right side; the bottom card from the deck is now face-up, and is the “outer card.”

The inner card gives a positive/yes or negative/no based on being red (yes) or black (no). Black indicates a likely blockage in the usual manner. The inner card’s meaning gives some clue as to how or through what agency the sitter’s question or concern is going to come about when red; or how it might be blocked if black. The outer card provides supporting info.

The inner card should be interpreted, then linked with the meaning of the outer card. (That is, left then right.) Ms. Lawrence then recommends interpreting the cards in the reverse order, outer then inner. If both interpretations are compatible or harmonious with each other, then the reader can be assured that they are likely interpreting correctly.

One thing of note: the face cards are relatively straightforward in Ms. Lawrence’s definitions for card meanings; and only Kings and Queens are people. The King of Hearts represents the person being read for if male, and the Queen of Hearts would be his sweetheart or love interest. (Reverse if reading for a female.) The straightforward face cards could make a difference, I think, if they showed up in the pair. Keep this in mind if you try this spread with different card meanings.

Others have used this spread with their own playing card divinatory meanings, and it works well. So feel free to give this a try with whatever card meanings you favor. It’s quick like the name; and fun!