I felt moved to do a tarot reading recently using only the majors. My question was about the results of a phone call I made this morning. I am trying to end my monthly apartment lease without having to pay an extra month, since the official policy required notice on the first of the month and I was a few days late giving my notice. This would mean having to stay, and pay, for an additional month.

I used the Lo Scarabeo Tarot and a basic spread of four cards that are meant to be read sequentially, left-to-right. There are no meanings, although a past-to-future outcome can be applied if needed to help clarify the reading. I also wanted to try a new method I’m using to focus and “tune in” to the question being asked. Rather than rely on elemental dignities, I shuffled the majors, reversing three cards during the process. None of the reversed cards turned up.

Death – Hanged Man – Temperance – Magician

Death suggests endings, and of course I am trying to end life at my apartment to move to my new place. Interestingly, I attribute Scorpio here, and that fits the late October – late November timeframe in question. I think this means my focus on the cards are on-topic for my question.

The Hanged Man is sacrifice, leading to Temperance, a balance or blending. I offered to pay about a week of November’s rent (to make my notice a full 30 days) as a compromise on the phone this morning, if necessary. I believe that these two cards represent my voluntary financial sacrifice, and the fact that we’ll reach an agreement on this.

The final card is Magician, master of communication and the man that is able to get his way, through willpower or trickery. 😉 I find it an auspicious card.

In summary, I think the above cards reflect that I’m trying to end my apartment lease, and suggest that it’s going cost me something; but that we’ll be able to compromise and I’ll be satisfied with the result.


As it happens, I learned the result about fifteen minutes after doing the reading. The apartment office called back, and the regional manager agreed to pro-rate my rent and only charge me for about a week of November, to make my notice a full 30 days. I think that is fair, and we are both satisfied with this solution.

The tarot cards reflected the situation and the result quite well. I feel that being able to calm and focus myself was the key to this reading. I also enjoyed trying the majors-only reading; this is something I want to utilize more as I evaluate my tarot practice and reading style.

Do you use majors-only readings? Do you love ’em or hate ’em? Share your experiences in the comments!