One thing card readers love to do is build associations of their cards to other things. This can help with learning the cards, discovering new card meanings or even finding new ways of reading. And sometimes it’s just fun.

I’ve seen a few people try to relate Lenormand and tarot cards before, and I’ve pondered it a little myself, but I never really saw the point. Why match these two different systems? And yet in the last few days I found myself contemplating possible associations between the two decks, for no particular reason. I was finally compelled to write them down and develop associations for each Lenormand card to a tarot card.

Generally, this process promotes greater understanding of both decks. I have to understand the Lenormand card’s essence in order to find a good tarot card for it; and of course this means having a good idea of the tarot card as well. Even when the primary link between the two is visual, intuition has to kick in to say, “Hey! I know the perfect card for that!”

These associations are listed in order of the Lenormand cards by number, and the card(s) that initially struck me as most appropriate. I included a brief note for why each one was chosen.

If you aren’t as familiar with the Lenormand meanings, the ones that I use are here. Feel free to reference them, especially if you are familiar with the tarot but not the Lenormand.

1. RiderKnight of Wands – This is a purely visual association in the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) deck family. On my Lo Scarabeo Tarot in particular, the Knight of Wands is charging in on (a flying) horseback, as if he is bearing some thing that can’t wait.

2. CloverWheel of Fortune – Both can signify a positive turn of fortune; a lucky opportunity.

3. ShipChariot – The Chariot presents a moving vehicle (admittedly land-bound, but still….)

4. House10 of Cups – This card, in RWS, has familial overtones that relate to the family and home. I believe older tarot meanings used this card as possibly representing the home too.

5. Tree6 of Cups – In RWS the 6 of Cups can relates to one’s past, and therefore to one’s roots, like those of the Tree.

6. Clouds7 of Cups – The tarot card is a card of illusion and confusion, which matches closely to the Clouds.

7. Snake7 or 10 of Swords – In my Lo Scarabeo Tarot, there is a snake in the lower right corner, and that card indicates trouble in progress. Generally, the 10 of Swords might otherwise fit.

8. CoffinDeath – Fairly evident, as both are cards of ending and transformation.

9. Bouquet Empress – While the Bouquet doesn’t have the fertility connection of the Empress, I think it can relate via beauty and happiness; and both cards commonly feature flowers.

10. ScytheAce of Swords – Makes sense to me, when considering the sharp tool or decisive actions of the Scythe.

11. Whip5 of Swords – Harshness and physical activity both can fit this tarot card. Especially with the RWS and my Lo Scarabeo Tarot.

12. Birds8 of Wands – Often a tarot card for communication, at least for me. (I can’t think of a card for a couple that I’m not using elsewhere.)

13. ChildAny Page – Pages can be young people, so it’s a symbolic link.

14. Fox8 of Pentacles – For those of us using Fox as a job, this RWS card seems a good match. The 8 of Pentacles can also imply prudence or a need for caution/cunning – which relate to the sneakier aspects of the Fox.

15. BearStrength – An animal connection, and both cards can suggest strength.

16. StarsThe Star – Both have similarities of meaning to my way of thinking.

17. Stork6 of Wands – The 6 of Wands can be the result or promise of a change for the better.

18. DogKnight of Cups – Who better to be a trusted friend or someone else known — and possibly a lover, in the context of a relationship reading?

19. Tower10 of Pentacles – Going for the corporate connection or large establishment on this one. (NOT the tarot Tower, because I think it would be hard to separate the trump’s severe meaning from the Lenormand card’s different associations.)

20. Garden3 of Cups – Many tarot readers see the 3 of Cups as a party of some kind, which implies a social event.

21. MountainHanged Man – Both have a sense of isolation, and I think the Hanged Man can relate to the idea of a delay.

22. Crossroads5 or 8 of Cups; The Lovers – Based on RWS meanings and images, I think either Cups card works. The Lovers, often a choice, could be used (if not confused with 25. Ring and 2 of Cups!).

23. Mice5 of Wands – The Golden Dawn title is Lord of Strife; and the RWS imagery usually involves a group of men. These seem like good candidates for the Mice.

24. HeartAce of Cups – Love. Enough said.

25. Ring2 of Cups – Both cards can reflect partnership options.

26. BookThe Moon – Secrets or the unknown, only overcome with knowledge.

27. LetterAce of Wands – Relating this one through a traditional meaning of the Ace of Clubs, which can be a letter.

28. ManThe Magician – Used to signify a male querent in older tarot methods.

29. LadyThe High Priestess – Used to signify a female querent in older tarot methods.

30. LilyThe Hermit – The Lily is something old or established; can be wisdom or a mature man. Fits this trump like a glove.

31. SunThe Sun – Seems like a good pair, with similar meanings.

32. Moon9 of Cups – The tarot card relates to the cartomancy wish card sometimes, and could certainly bring the fame or romance of the Lenormand Moon.

33. KeyJudgment – The Key is meant to be; fate intervenes. I chose Judgment, in the guise of a deus ex machina or an irrevocable happening sent by the divine.

34. Fish3 of Wands – In the RWS family, a man of business has established his strength and is able to do as he pleases.

35. Anchor4 of Pentacles – A sense of establishment and possible permanence.

36. Cross9 of Swords –  Troubled, anguished, suffering.

I did these without referencing a tarot deck during the process. This list can be considered a draft at this stage, because I’ve not finalized it to my satisfaction. However, I thought I’d share my work -in-progress.

Of course a list like this is highly personal; it’s based on the tarot decks I am most familiar with, and the meanings I have adopted.

What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments.