Dear Auntie Sophia,

I have a problem. It’s a problem that I’m told haunts most of us guys at some point in our lives, and I really hate to talk about it. Fortunately, I can quietly write to you, and get some advice on this touchy issue.

Enough beating about the bush. My problem … is that I can’t perform on demand. That is, my reading ability seems to come and go on its own whim. Some days I’m full of passion and joy and it’s like a reading will pour out of me. Other days I feel spent before I even show up at my reading table, and it’s a struggle to put together a reading.

I’m not sure what to do. Can you help me?


Rollicking Reader in Reno

Auntie Sophia replies:

Dear Rollicking Reader,

You’ve certainly done a good job by admitting you have this problem! I’m proud of you for taking that step and writing to me. Auntie Sophia knows all! Well, not all. I couldn’t tell you much about the inner workings of a car, for example. Yet I know quite a bit about making a mean pasta sauce, so it balances out. But I digress.

You want to perform on demand and give beautiful readings all the time? I have to tell you, I don’t know if it’s possible. Auntie Sophia’s personal belief is that it comes down to two main things: the focus of the reader, and the openness of the seeker.

Focus is a magical, mystical thing. It’s like New York City at Christmas time: full of wonder and light, if you can overlook the garbage along the streets and any noisy drunks to bask in the beauty of it. It takes practice to get past the rough stuff on the outside and settle into that poetic space within.

I don’t know how many readers talk about the openness of the seeker, but Auntie has noticed that some people’s cards are like an open book while others are a jumble. I believe that some people are very hesitant to open up to a stranger, and their readings can be challenging to decipher.

The tools and techniques of the reading craft can be a bridge to focus and connect, and they are useful when you aren’t “on.” They’ll help you dive into a reading, especially if you are a professional and can’t afford to wait until intuition strikes.

That’s what Auntie Sophia personally thinks. But let me consult my Deck of Shadows and see what advice it has for you.

Well, Rollicking, with the first card titled Crossing the Threshold, it seems your way forward is barred. No surprise, as this is what prompted you to write Auntie in the first place. How can you move forward? Somehow you must lift or destroy the gate that bars your progress. This card shows one tough broad guarding the way forward. Does that mean anything to you?

The next card is Revenge. Looking at the other words, what I’m homing into is that you feel less of a man because you aren’t doing what is expected of you as a reader. Your readings are a struggle and you blame yourself for being inadequate. Stop being consumed with this negative emotion! It helps no one, and most likely hinders you further. It’s like Auntie’s forays into the diet fads of the 80s: eventually I had to accept where I was, and then the excess weight magically melted away!

Which ties into the last card, Metamorphosis. You need a new approach to your readings. Maybe if you weren’t so pressured to perform according to your current standards, you’d be freer to allow readings to come forth as needed. So explore your goals. Change your style! Heck, change your wardrobe! And echoing my diet reference, perhaps you would benefit from checking your nutrition and drinking plenty of water. Dehydration is the reader’s enemy. Auntie always used to drink plenty of water when she’d go out and — but you don’t want to hear of Auntie’s discotheque days.

So there you have it. Just remember, if you truly don’t feel up to reading, you can always claim to have a headache.


Auntie Sophia