To quote an old saying and a song lyric by The Clash as today’s question: Should I stay or should I go? To work today, that is!

I wasn’t feeling well when I woke up. After two nights of poor sleep I found myself developing a sore throat yesterday, and I didn’t feel so hot this morning when I got up. However, knowing my body this could as well be a sign of excess fatigue rather than illness. I debated whether to call off work. I’m generally not one to feel guilty for taking a needed day off; but I also hate squandering sick or vacation days needlessly.

So I turned to my cards. What could I expect if I went to work versus stayed home? I laid out six cards in two rows, with one card overlap in case that told me anything. Using the Lo Scarabeo Tarot:

Top row, go to work: Chariot, 10 of Swords, Emperor
Bottom row, stay home: 9 of Wands, 4 of Swords, 8 of Pentacles
(Click image to see full size version.)

Sometimes a reading is so clear that it doesn’t need to be put into words, at least for oneself. This was one of those readings for me.

The cards in the top row about going to work indicated a challenging day ahead; a day of working hard and solving difficult problems, but mainly having an uphill battle, possibly clashing with a manager in the process. This row sternly told me I could expect a high level of work-related stress.

The cards in the bottom row about staying home sent me a message of collecting my strength and relaxing; resting to recuperate and taking time to plan things. This last point was especially apt, as I currently have a work-related opportunity that I need to ponder. This all made perfect sense, and clinched the deal: I called off today and am writing this in the afternoon.

Turns out to be wise advice. I’ve felt worse as the day has gone on, so I’m glad to be home where I can rest and get ready for the next workday battle to come my way. Thank you, tarot!