I did a quickie one-card reading before work this morning, asking what I could expect for the weekend. I anticipate a busy day at work, followed by a family dinner with a visiting relative from out-of-state. My house is getting replacement siding for damage from the winter (yes, it took that long), which I’m hoping will be done today. This morning started off with a short argument with my partner, which we worked out. So there are a few things going on right now, and it’s worth knowing what to expect!

I cut the deck to the Ace of Cups.

Lo Scarabeo Tarot: Ace and Two of Cups

What’s that, you say? If I only drew one card, why are there two depicted here? I’m glad you asked!

One possible technique to explore a card’s energy — it’s presence in your life — is to consider it in its natural sequence. In this case, the Ace of Cups is naturally followed by the 2 of Cups.

Had I gotten The Empress I’d be considering The Emperor as the following card. The end of a sequence can “loop around” to the beginning, to a King would be followed by an Ace, and The World is succeeded by The Fool.

So my question was about what to expect in general for the weekend, and I got the Ace of Cups. Overall, a time of loving, caring, family and the potential for emotional growth. If I allow this energy into my life, I can expect strengthened relationships, particularly the one with my partner. This would seem to be a reminder to act with love and gratitude this weekend and I will experience the 2 of Cups.

This technique is even more appropriate when looking for advice, in that you can anticipate where one card might lead you should you heed it’s suggestion. Or ignore it, depending on the card and question asked. My question is rather general, but it’s the only one I had this morning.

If you try this technique, or already use it, let me know in the comments.

Everybody have an Ace of Cups weekend! 😀