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3 of Cups from Lo Scarabeo Tarot… in “3D”

The subject of today’s reading is related to the number nine: a life, or life-path, reading. This is inspired by author Richard Webster. All that is necessary is a basic numerology system, with an idea of numeric meanings from one to nine.

In astrology, the twelve houses of a horoscope provide a way to divide life into a dozen slices that can be used to explore any and every aspect of a person’s life. It’s actually a very slick way to comprehensively explore all the major areas of interest during a reading. Many readers who don’t use astrology are still familiar with the twelve house spread, because it can be very good with any cards. Houses can be paired or grouped with others to see how different subjects interrelate, which can add nuance to a reading. The reading can be applied to a time period as well, giving an overview for the week, month, year or even a lifetime.

Yet not all card readers are familiar enough with the houses to use them well. In this case there is an alternate method: a life reading. Instead of using twelve houses, the numbers one through nine are used as categories. This can be used to give a comprehensive look, and with some creativity the numeric “houses” can no doubt be combined as well. Some sample meanings that could be used for the numbers in this reading:

  1. The self: how the subject of the reading sees himself, or alternately a look at the core personality.
  2. Others: how the subject relates to other people and relationships in general.
  3. Work: the subject’s career or job; or non-work way of expression such as a “career mom”
  4. Home and environment; preferred surroundings
  5. Health and well-being
  6. Family
  7. Spirituality
  8. Money: financial aspects, relationship with money
  9. Overall life path or goals; life purpose

You may have different understandings for each number, and that’s great! Just be sure to have an understanding of what each category is before doing the spread; and that you can cover the major areas of likely life interest. (That means at minimum, ensure that relationships, money and work are covered — and probably general health!) If you are comfortable with your cards and the spread, feel free to use more than one card per position and blend them. Any kind of deck can be used.

Don’t forget that different numbers can be related in a reading. For example, the sitter’s approach to self likely affects relationships with others, and both probably affect dealings with family; so 1, 2 and 6 can all be related. If positions 1 and 2 were both cards about emotions but 6 is a monetary card (in elemental terms, water and earth) then the person may relate better to people outside the family; and financial issues may be at the root of dealings with the family. Or if the Lenormand Man and Woman both appeared, then those two numbers would likely be connected through a person’s current or future life partner.

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