On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

2 Turtledoves

This post is inspired by the number two, and brings you a one-on-one session between me and the tarot. Specifically, a dialog between me and The Fool. I really wanted to interview the Magician, but apparently he’s too busy right now so the tarot sent me the Fool instead. (It really does have a mind of its own sometimes!)

Me: Well, er, hello there, Fool. How are you?

Fool: Fine. (Distracted by a wandering butterfly.) Just fine. How about you?

Me: Honestly, I’m tired today. I’ve been dragging all week. Does that every happen for you?

Fool: It’s the weather. (Jumping now.) Try being more active, like me!

Me: Yes, I can see, you are getting around a bit.

Fool: That’s nothing. That hussy in the Lovers, now, she gets around. Always involved with a man of some sort — and look where she ends up! [A possible reference to the woman in The Devil card?]

Me: (Feeling a bit shocked to hear this from the innocent-seeming Fool.) Oh, um….

Fool: I know you were hoping to the get Magician, but he’s a bit pompous and stuffy. Head not quite down from the clouds, if you get my drift — hey, stop that! (A small dog is now nipping at the Fool’s heels.)

Me: Is that your dog?

Fool: No, but he often follows me around. Much better than that crocodile I sometimes end up with. I really have to watch my feet with her!

Me: I’ll bet! So, they say that —

Fool: Who is “they?” I often hear that “they” say this, or “they” swear that, but nobody every seems to know who “they” are!

Me: Well, authorities on the tarot.

Fool: Authorities! You mean those pompous windbags that sell books?

Me: Hey, I respect a lot of those authors, be nice!

Fool: Okay, so I exaggerate a bit. (Picks up the dog and spins in a circle now, both looking very happy.) But the ultimate authority on the tarot is the tarot itself. And after that, any person who uses the tarot is his or her own ultimate authority. It’s a personal thing, after all.

Me: Can you explain that a bit?

Fool: Heck, I can’t even repeat that! I was kind of inspired, you know what I mean?

Me: I think I get it anyway. I think you mean is that tarot is personal. Others may help guide me to understand it, but at the end of the day, it’s my cards and how I use them that matters; so only I have the say.

Fool: That sounds right. Can you imagine if there were tarot police? (Pulls out an old-fashioned English bobby hat and a truncheon club.) Look at me, I’m the tarot police. Stop, I don’t like your spread! (Blows a shrill little whistle.) Stop I say!

Me: I don’t think the dog likes that whistle. He looks annoyed with you.

Fool: You’re right. Sorry, little guy! (Spins around, and all the police garb vanishes.)

Me: One last question for you, Fool. Why do people say that you contain every card?

Fool: Oh, because my number nowadays is zero, people say I have infinite possibility. That is true. But then, you could say the same for any trump. It shouldn’t be about the number, but rather, that all of us contain infinite reflections of the whole. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the Fool-est of them all?

Me: Quite. Well, thank you for your time Fool, I hope we will speak again.

Fool: Oh, we will, we will… every time you draw your cards, I’ll be there!