I am going back to work after a couple weeks off for the holidays. I drew a card to see what was in store today. There was no real question in mind, rather, curiosity for the flavor of the day. Guess what came up?

Yup, none other than The Devil himself. Fear, shackles, and addiction; or so traditional meanings indicate. I sometimes think of the ol’ Devil as being related to career work, given my Capricorn association to the card; that ol’ black magic brings out that ol’ executive along with it.

I can promise you all that I am not a work addict. (For any sort of work!) That said, I will be moderately pleased to be back to the office today. I still enjoy my relatively new job, and it will be good to see my friends at the office.

I think the Devil sums it up, really: back to work, and back to a more regular daily structure (the illusory shackles of the mage). The day is going to be what I make of it. No more, no less.

Right now, I could use a bit more sleep… but it’s past time to start getting ready for work, so off I go!