Here is something I thought would be a fun reading. Many places of employment have evacuation or fire drills — an exercise that lets everybody learn how to get out of the building in case of emergency. For small buildings it’s probably not a big deal. For mine, where I am almost twenty floors up; well, it means a lot of walking down stairs.

Rumor has it that we are having a drill this week at the office, so I cut my trusty tarot deck (inspired by the Quick Cut) with the question:

Will there be a fire drill today?

The Sun — Ace of Pentacles

I have to say, these are very positive cards, so it would seem to be a clear indication of such an event happening: positive cards that are, in this case, affirming a “yes.” Logically, today is a more likely day than Thursday or Friday, as people tend to have days off late in the week. From the cards I’d also say it’s more probably in the afternoon: the sun is shining overhead in the Sun, and the Ace makes me think of 1pm. If I want to do the reading Quick Cut-style, then the Sun is the “yes,” and the Ace of Pentacles clarifies this by saying it’s time for beginnings — the first drill of the year.

At this point, I will have to see what transpires. Meanwhile, I’m wearing my walking shoes, just in case. I’ll update this post with the outcome.