Ah Lenormand, you know how to get right to the point. And maybe send me a sly wink in the process.

I thought to do a three-card reading for my day this morning, and this was the result:

9 Bouquet, 23 Mice, 17 Storks

This was timely and on-target, due to the recent appearance of mice in my car.

I found a dead mouse in the car — by my partner’s feet while he was a passenger — when out-and-about yesterday. On my way to work this morning, I discovered a live mouse sitting in the cup-holder in my car. What would you do if you looked down to see a mouse hanging out next to your gear shift? Me, I screamed like a little girl from the surprise! Just don’t tell anyone.

So when I did my morning draw shortly after this morning’s mouse scare, I was sure the Mouse card was talking about actual mice.

I interpreted this trio as an unpleasant mouse surprise that will soon take a change for the better. This makes sense because I was planning to get mousetraps set for the car and the garage, and hopefully the spread is a message that those will work. I hope so, because aside from sanitary concerns, they have already done some damage to my car; how much remains to be seen.