As implied in previous posts, I am dealing with my oldest cat, who is showing signs of health problems that are due to the onset of kidney failure. She has been temperamental — moreso than usual — and is urinating around the house with ever-greater frequency. While this could be behavior in part, since my youngest cat is frequently chasing and antagonizing her, I am concerned for her health. She also seems to have lost more weight, so I made an appointment for the vet next week. I thought I would see what Auntie Lenormand would have to say about this.

My question follows the no-layout technique as I’ve learned it, where a significator is chosen before asking the question. I wanted to ask: What will the vet say about my cat’s health? I chose the Tree as a “keycard.”

Snake + Tree + Anchor + Cross + Coffin + Garden

Pictured is the Blue Owl deck, which I just bought. I fanned the cards then picked them randomly, stopping when I felt I had the correct amount of cards for this reading. I thought it was interesting that the Tree showed up as the second card — right after the problematic snake! Of course, this is practically a who’s who of unpleasant cards. Everything is interpreted around the Tree in light of my question, so this is what Auntie Lenormand thinks I will learn from the vet.

The Snake is my card for problems; these are big problems and there is no avoiding them. The Anchor gives weight and duration to my cat’s health concerns. (Or my concerns for her health, as the case may be. 🙂 ) The Anchor + Cross speak of long-standing suffering, so I wondered if my cat is affected more than we thought, as her kidney’s were only slightly affected according to tests. I expect the vet to focus on dealing with my cat’s symptoms, then, and that they are going to be permanent things that can be addressed but not “cured.” (Which makes sense, as kidney failure can be managed but not stopped.)

I wanted to see what the Cross would bring, as it’s a card that I find helpful to clarify, so I had drawn the Coffin to support it. Not a pleasant card in this instance, as it enhances the negativity of the Cross for me. It could mean my cat’s suffering will change, or it could mean the suffering would end. While I am not one to paint doom and gloom, it’s hard not to see a hint of death here.

It’s always helpful to see what the Coffin brings, so I had drawn one last card, giving me the Garden (or Park). Frankly I didn’t feel that it adds to the reading, so I ignored it, but am sharing for completeness.

The summary is that I think the vet will point out the nature of my cat’s health problems, which are permanent and must be managed as well as possible. She will indicate whether my cat is suffering, and hopefully have a solution to alleviate this. I should be prepared for a difficult appointment.