There is a lot of debate in the online cartomancy community now, revolving around the Lenormand deck. Specifically, there is a core question about reading the Lenormand: are you really a Lenormand reader? And I am proud to present a litmus test that you can quickly use to get to the heart of the matter.


What the question is really asking, is whether the person is a “traditional” Lenormand reader, or an “intuitive” Lenormand reader. This is a misnomer because both styles are using intuition to get answers. The difference is that the traditional reader relies on, well, a tradition that provides a framework. The “intuitive” reader is reading the art the same way they might read the tarot or any other random oracle. While this is a valid way to read, my belief is that they are not reading “the Lenormand” any more than if they used 78 photos out of a magazine and called it tarot.

So, is a person reading with Lenormand cards (“intuitive”), or reading the Lenormand (“traditional”)? Here is the guaranteed test! Take a look at this picture.


If you can read these cards and provide a consistent answer to any question via the green writing, you are reading the Lenormand! Otherwise you are reading with an illustrated oracle deck. πŸ˜€

This is from my double-duty, custom, allowed-to-get-dirty deck. (Dirty as in soiled; not dirty as in risquΓ©!) The black keywords are from my experiments with one of the classical 32-card systems. The green on the left is, of course, for Lenormand. This deck has provided some excellent readings for me.

While this post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it does illustrate the difference between the two camps that you will see online. To each, his or her own!