A daily draw:

23 Mice + 28 Man + 20 Garden

Those of you who do daily readings probably know that they need to be turned down a notch, because the average day is not that dramatic. If you live in or near a soap opera, of course, you may need to crank it up a notch instead!

23 Mice: stress, loss, small problems
28 Man: a male; in this case, me
20 Garden: public, people, crowds, nature

Because this is a daily, the Mice’s warning should be kept to something small, and in this case the Mice is pretty easy. I have been experiencing some health issues all week, which I believe are stomach-related (although I feel them around my throat). If it’s reflux, then it is literally something eating at me. The Man is emphasizing me. The Garden (or Park) is likely a message to let nature take it’s course.

In summary, the health issue that is affecting me will need to resolve on its own.

For the curious, I started an over-the-counter medication and I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, just to be safe. It’s been a very uncomfortable week with this! If something else turns up for this reading, I’ll let you know; otherwise, this is how things stand.