Here is a daily draw from yesterday.

35 Anchor + 29 Lady + 11 Whip

I must admit, I had no idea what this indicated. That is partly why I tend to eschew daily draws; I find they are often hard to relate to, for an upcoming day. I personally get more value when I have a question about a specific topic. However, it is helpful in seeing how the nuances of the cards play out in real life, after the fact. In this case, the accuracy was almost startling!

35 Anchor: stability, long term, goals
29 Lady: a woman, female, feminine
11 Whip: action, competition, heated debate

The appearance of the Lady (or Woman) made this hard for me. Who is the Lady? I don’t have much clue here. At the time I did this reading, I thought maybe my mother, as I had plans to visit my family for Father’s Day.

At the end of the day, it all made sense. A woman I’ve known for a long time was involved in an argument or fight. This applied to my sister, who I found out had been visiting her ex-boyfriend the previous evening, and had to leave due to verbal abuse. Thank goodness she was okay!