Here is a daily draw with the Lenormand.

27 Letter – 5 Tree – 32 Moon

27 Letter: written communication, a document
5 Tree: health, spirituality
32 Moon: emotions, feelings, creativity

Letter + Tree is a textbook example of a prescription — a health-related document — and it’s true that I have an outstanding prescription sitting at the pharmacy. Moon might be good if it were a prescription to control my mood, however, it’s for my stomach so that doesn’t really fit. I’m taking a generic, over-the-counter stomach acid product for those who wonder. Perhaps the cards feel a prescription version would be advantageous!

The more applicable meaning is that some written communication about spirituality would inspire me. As I write this, I realize it could apply to three different things that involved writing from others, although one of them was more in the nature of personal communication than the others.

I guess it goes to show you that you never know how the cards will manifest, or how many events they may reflect. It’s worth remembering that the daily draw isn’t guaranteed to show up the same day; I know professional readers of various cards who believe it make show up a few days later. This is especially likely when it’s something important. (Hint: pay attention to cards or themes that repeat.) So if you can’t relate the cards on the same day, then perhaps they will come to pass over the next one to three days; but I wouldn’t go much further than that.