Here is a quick daily draw, done on my lunch break at the office. Yes, it’s arguably a bit later than most people like, but I find that it doesn’t matter. I just focus on gleaning something about my day.

31 Sun + 10 Scythe + 34 Fish

31 Sun: success, victory, warmth, energy, daytime
10 Scythe: a sudden decision, leadership, taking action
34 Fish: business, independence, self-employment

I read this as a decision or successful action taken in relation to a project. That could apply to a couple of things at work today. The day isn’t over so it could apply to something yet to come; but I need to get this post written up, as tomorrow is going to be a busy day. This would be a great trio for getting my expected (personal) projects in action tomorrow!

As it happens, I went to a farewell happy-hour after work today, for a co-worker who is leaving. It was warm and sunny outside today. The cards fit that as well.