Here is a daily with the Lenormand, along with a couple of tips that I find helpful for this practice.

(Fox) – Tree – Cross – Ring

There are four cards pictured above; but the Fox is not part of my draw. It is a focus card, and has two purposes. The less important reason, in my opinion, is to add a visual focus for the topic of my reading. The other is for record-keeping purposes.

Focus Card?

“Focus? Topic? What are you talking about? Isn’t this a simple daily draw to see what turns up?” someone says. (It’s my blog, so I can make someone say anything I need. Hah!) Yes, I want to see what will turn up for the day. However, my daily draws seem to work better with a clear topic to focus on.

The Lenormand, in particular, tends to zoom in on specifics about situations. Therefore, it can be helpful to guide even the humble daily reading onto a particular subject. This isn’t a novel idea. With a general tarot reading, for example, readers may gravitate to topics guided by the presence of the four suits, which gives the general reading some context.

Another value I find is for record-keeping. I may do my daily draw and run through an interpretation, but not write it up until later; and often it’s the next day. The focus card reminds me that I interpreted the reading a certain way. While these readings are short enough to not be forgotten, it can happen — especially when I read before my morning coffee, and have to recall it after a hectic workday or two! I also like having the visual reminder on my phone, where I may snap photos of multiple readings that I want to remember for review or writeup at a later date.

Today’s Reading

14 Fox: Focus card; context was my job, so this is a work-related draw
5 Tree: long-standing, deep-rooted
36 Cross: pain, suffering, depression
25 Ring: contract, commitment, solution

Since I focused on work, my Tree meanings of health and spirituality wouldn’t have made much sense. Likewise, the Ring can be interpreted with an eye to something at work, ruling out my relationship. I decided this meant that a longtime problem would be solved. At the time, I couldn’t think what it would be; and since this is a daily, maybe “longtime” only meant the duration of a day or two.

In retrospect this was quite accurate, in a way that still surprises me. I was implementing and testing the solution to a problem that has been ongoing for several weeks. This has caused a lot of headaches and challenges for everybody involved. And my testing showed that the problem appears to be solved as a result! I was happy about the situation, and amazed again by the accuracy of this reading. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to how well these little cards work?