Do you like cleaning out stuff you don’t need? Me too!
Do you like free stuff? Me too!
Do you like card readings? Me too!

With that as a basis, it’s time for something new at my blog: my July 2012 Giveway.

Top to bottom: Witches’ Tarot, Gilded Tarot, Alchemy 1977 playing cards

I started to clear out decks I don’t use, and have three for now. You can click the image above to view a larger picture showing these decks.

The Witches’ Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed: A borderless deck with lush imagery and an airbrushed feel. These images seem to pop off the page for the most part, although that may not be so evident from the trio in this photograph. This deck is in a nice box with the LWB. It has a faint hint of smoke or incense smell, if you stick your nose up to the cards. Does have some nudity.

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti: A deck in the spirit of the Rider Waite Smith, with a lot of imagery that I’d describe as fantasy with the barest hint of sci-fi. This deck is well known to just about anybody in modern tarot; the artist has his fans (as well as detractors), and it is used to illustrate some Llewellyn tarot books. I have the deck, but not the original over-sized box, nor accompanying book. No nudity that I can think of.

Alchemy 1977 Playing cards: A gothic themed playing card deck. The cards are black rather than white, and feature images that I would classify as “evil heavy metal.” Very macabre, and in my opinion, not for the faint-hearted!

One of these three decks can be your, yes yours, all for the low price of 19—– er, I mean for free. 🙂 What’s the catch?

My goal is to encourage feedback, more sharing of your experiences, and maybe a sense of community. Hey, we gotta dream!

I will consider any legitimate comment made to any of my blog posts during the month of July as an entry to win. A legitimate comment is non-spam, relevant to the topic at hand and more than five words. The most entries wins. The prize is your choice of one of these three decks. Of course this means you’ll need to leave a valid email for me to contact you; and you’ll need to supply your mailing address should you win.

I will ship within the United States and Canada at this time. Sorry if you are international — I’m not savvy about shipping overseas.

If you win and don’t want a deck, you may request a mini-reading from me instead. That means I will answer one specific question for you, using the cards of my choice. I will supply the mini-reading via email. A mini-reading should have a focused question that can be answered in a paragraph, at most.

To recap:

  • Leave a comment on any post from now until the end of July and you will be entered into this contest.
  • Non-spam comments should be on topic and more than five words.
  • Three blog readers with the most comments will be the winners.
  • Each winner can choose a deck or opt for a mini-reading instead.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear, so I can update the description, as well as improve any future giveaways.