Sometimes the Lenormand are so spot-on or literal that it both amazes me and makes me laugh. The Brits would say the cards are being cheeky at times like that! This is an example of such a reading I did this morning.

ASS Lenormand cards in the Square of Nine

I didn’t have a particular question in mind; I was mainly interested in practicing this spread, which isn’t a regular part of my repertoire. The central card should provide the focus of the reading, and this case, it is the Fish. (A list of the cards as spread can be found at the end of this post.)

As many of my readers know, I use the card meanings as presented in Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, where the Fish is primarily a card of business, entrepreneurs and independence. I’ve been starting to associate the Fish with my personal projects — they may be like a business and require some work on my part, and often have a schedule or deadline. I figured that must be the Fish’s meaning… then it hit me: the Literal Lenormand strikes again!

My partner and I have a trip planned to the aquarium in the city today. Fish is a perfect card for that! It’s like a literal representation of our destination and main activity today. Noting the presence of both Ship (car) and Crossroad (road trip), that made perfect sense, so I went with that for the context of my reading.

The Bouquet triggers the Fish; so an invitation (Bouquet next to Letter) triggered this trip.

The corners further define this: a pleasant road trip (Bouquet + Crossroad) and getting out of the house (House + Coffin). This latter is of note because we are both homebodies and have been making more effort to do things out of the house; so Coffin seems appropriate.

Central cross
The cross-shaped cards are the center of the situation or the core of the reading. These cards are Letter + Lily + Fish + Ship + Birds. This shows the invitation (or tickets) after a long time — which makes sense as we’ve talking about visiting this new aquarium for a while now. The aquarium will be a peaceful activity (Lily + Fish). We will drive there (Ship), giving us time to talk and be close as a couple (Birds).

Columns (past, present, future)
The columns from left to right give past-present-future.

Bouquet + Lily + Coffin: Peace and complacency coming to an end. We have been arguing a bit this week and harmony has been lacking.

Letter + Fish + Birds: An invitation to the aquarium to spend the day together as a couple.

House + Ship + Crossroad: Taking a driving trip to get out of the home.

The “T”
Bouquet + Home + Birds: This looks like harmony at home as a couple — a good sign for any relationship.

Coffin + Crossroad + Letter: A change brought about by an offer to take a short trip. (This also seems to answer what comes after the Coffin in the past column.)

Other options
There are other steps that can be used here. Some people add information by reading the diagonals, or pairing the cards in various ways. Treppner teaches pairing all the cards with each other and turning them into a cohesive story, but I found that very confusing when I first saw it. There is also the possibility to read what’s on the querent’s mind by looking at the rows.

I am still amused by what I see as the literal description of this aquarium visit today.

Do you have Literal Lenormand moments? Also, do you like the Square of Nine? Let me know about either of these, in the comments!

For those who can’t see the cards well, there are three rows. They contain:

  • Bouquet + Letter + House
  • Lily + Fish + Ship
  • Coffin + Birds + Crossroad