Here is a daily draw of three cards, focusing on my workday.

3 Ship + 30 Lily + 10 Scythe

I like the idea that maybe the Lily shows my fatigue. I was woken up about 5am to clean up after a sick cat. (Our youngest has a sensitive stomach.) I stayed up after that, and my head is rather fuzzy from insufficient sleep — a way of life with these cats, apparently!

Ship: expansion, travel
Lily: age, experience, peace
Scythe: sudden decision, irrevocable action

The Ship references doing something new; getting out to new places and seeing new things. It can be breaking out of a comfort zone, if the cards support it.

Lily and Scythe are odd neighbors. Or rather, somewhat opposites: the zen-like calm of Lily is very different from the quick and decisive action of the Scythe. Perhaps the Lily actually stands in for my tiredness.

Because I am focusing on my workday, the interpretation must be in that context. Overall, I see expanding my role by making a decision. The Ship is the expansion, and the Lily shows my experience. The Scythe is what the action I choose to take. Not a comfortable card to end this trio with. As this is a daily reading is has to be toned down, of course, so I imagine this might be agreeing to some task that I don’t want to be bothered with.Β  Sometimes that happens in work — not to mention life.

On a more humorous note, this could be interpreted as an errand to pick up coffee: a trip (Ship) because of my sleepiness (Lily) which would be eliminated (Scythe) by coffee. πŸ™‚