I sought out my Gypsy Oracle Cards — a 52-card Sibilla deck from a modern printing by Lo Scarabeo — to seek some advice on a potential business venture, with an idea to generating income for charity purposes. These cards don’t have meanings listed in the included and sparse booklet; and the given spread is a simple cross. I made my own cross — more or less that of the sometimes-maligned Celtic Cross spread — and read a spread based on the images and card titles.

Lo Scarabeo Gypsy Oracle Cards
(Click photo to view a larger picture)

The central cards show the Wife crossed with the Merchant. This looks like the idea of home and stability conflicting with the need to earn money. That makes sense to me, as I know that making money — even in small amounts — requires work. I’d have to utilize my free time accordingly, which will no doubt impact my domestic routine.

The recent past on the right is Consolation, and it looks like a heavenly messenger bringing some hope to a despairing man. Without sharing the details, it was sadness over certain situations that triggered my idea, which certainly hit as if through divine inspiration. Nothing grandiose; which is probably why this card is Consolation and not something with more impact, like Divine Sledgehammer or Great Bounty.

The near future on the left is Foe, and it warns of trouble. The solitary woman is looking for where she should go next, or perhaps she she anticipates someone attacking her. This means my plans won’t be easy, and I would need to watch for unexpected trouble. Perhaps there is more to my idea than I am thinking of. I’m not sure, but caution and open eyes are necessary, which means thorough planning in advance — something I might otherwise rush through.

Wedding on the top is an auspicious sign. It indicates potential “wedded bliss” to me, and promises the possibility of good things. Because this card is Wedding and not Marriage — as if focusing on the ceremony rather than the relationship — I believe it is pointing to the need to have good plans. A strategy will be the blueprint for the future. Wedding also reminds me of the Lenormand Ring, so I should keep in mind anyone who might appear to offer advice, or help me get things moving.

Constancy is underneath, looking like a confident Roman hussy to me. Hah! Another message to beware anything that looks to obvious? The need to keep things moving if I expect to get anywhere? A promise of dropping my bandwagon if I don’t remind myself of why I was originally inspired? Probably all the above.

That’s it. Nothing here is outside the realm of common sense, but I can always use the reminder of things like proper planning.

Do you see anything else in these cards?