I got my long-awaited Old Castle Lenormand deck last night. Yay! I’m not normally drawn to Gothic or dark decks, but I really felt drawn to this one. I think it’s because it has the creepy haunted house vibe; which fits in with my love of Halloween.

Of course I wanted to put this new deck to use, and had time for a super quick daily draw before work this morning. I chose the Fox as a focal point, figuring it would be easiest to put this reading into the context of my job today.

Mystery of the Old Castle Lenormand – click for larger view
(This photo doesn’t do the deck justice.)

Fox: Chosen focal point of work (not part of the reading)
Anchor: Goals, duration, long-term, lifetime
Ship: Expansion, travel, vehicle
Scythe: Sudden decision, cutting, leadership

Interesting to see the Ship following the Anchor, as if lifting up and setting sail. The Scythe is not a card that generally gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling; but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad.

This feels like a continuation of events that started at work yesterday. My career will be taking a new direction as an opportunity for more leadership has opened to me. My boss is planning to be gone for a month, and asked if I was comfortable with coordinating daily projects that he would normally oversee; so I will be taking on more leadership, mediating between my teammates and other coworkers.

Of course they may point to something else happening today, but it makes sense that they reinforce my circumstances, which are significant in contributing to my long-term career.

How might you read these cards if they had applied to YOUR job today? Let me know in the comments!