Yesterday, I took my car to the mechanic for some repairs. It was leaking transmission fluid — again — and I was afraid of experiencing costly repairs. While I was at work awaiting the mechanic’s phone call, I snuck out this quick no-layout style reading, asking what would happen with the car.

Magisches Lenormand
13 Child – 14 Fox – 3 Ship – 15 Bear – 27 Letter

Child: Something small, new, immature
Fox: Work, cunning, deception, something wrong
Ship: Car (focus card for reading)
Bear: Money, strength, protection
Letter: Written document, certification


With the no-layout method, the focus card (keycard) is chosen and used as the central point of the spread. Given that I was asking about my car, I chose the Ship to stand in for my vehicle. (The Germanic influenced readers would choose the Rider.)

The Ship is framed by both the Fox and the Bear. Uh oh! I was seeing trouble and money here; neither of which I wanted to see for my car. Especially knowing that transmission issues can be expensive. The Fox could represent lies and deceit, and while some people fear mechanics for this reason, I believe mine to be honest so I wasn’t worried there. As for the Bear, all I could think of was an expense.

Known Facts and Future Probabilities

On the left side, the Child and Fox made me think it was a small problem. This should represent the current situation — things that are already known or are verifiable. Intellectually I didn’t believe that, as it seemed like a lot of transmission fluid had leaked. It turns out that this was a small issue; so in retrospect the left side was truly the situation. It also casts light on the Fox as saying that the car problem I was concerned with wasn’t as bad as it looked.

On the right side, Bear and Letter looked to me like the bill. Well, duh! I had hoped for something indicating the size of the bill for the repairs; or something to show the scale of the repairs. I didn’t really have time to ponder this; I spent about 15 seconds on this reading and had to get back to work.

The Outcome

As it turns out, the repairs were relatively small and easy; and therefore, inexpensive. Looking at this reading, it is important to remember that the no-layout’s left side informs what happens on the right. In this case, if the left side is showing a small problem or a small job, so the bill shown on the right side is likely to be proportionate. While it would have been preferable to see something more obvious, this reading does make sense in retrospect.

This hopefully shows the value of the left side in the no-layout. Newcomers to that method often skip the left side, thinking that it is unimportant. Yet it serves two purposes: it allows us to check whether the reading is on target (with information on the left that can often be verified), and it helps to inform the future probabilities on the right. If the left side had been Cross and Snake, then that could indicate recurring problems, indicating a larger bill.

The no-layout method is described in the book Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle.