I have a short work week, due to Labor Day and a vacation day, which give me Monday and Tuesday off. I really needed the time away because I’m stressed out from my new position at work. I asked the cards: What will my work week be like?

frenchcartomancy_36_cross frenchcartomancy_21_mountainfrenchcartomancy_26_book

36 Cross – 21 Mountain – 26 Book

Well, does anyone think this is a positive spread? I sure don’t. Given last week, I can’t say that this surprises me either.

Cross – troubles, strain

Mountain – delays and obstacles

Book – knowledge, documents

I interpreted this spread as difficulties and delays in obtaining knowledge of some kind; strain trying to get some information. Come to think of it, there is some legal paperwork that has to be done this week by the company, and I’m the middle-man. It’s quite possible that this is a reference to that. It needs to be done, or at least reach some agreement, in order to have a vendor visit as planned the following week. If the work isn’t done, the vendor may not be able to visit, which will hold up work on another project. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

It’s worth pointing out that this is the Cross and not the Mice or Snake. So it’s nothing “eating away” at me, nor is it intentional backstabbing. It’s just things that are the way they are, and they happen to be inconvenient and unpleasant. At least in the context of work.

You’ll also notice that I asked the question about MY work week — which means I am focusing in on the week for me at work. If I had asked “what will the work week be like,” it is perhaps implied that it’s about me, but I think it’s important to be as precise as possible in one’s questions. Otherwise, the cards could home in on the work week for the janitor; the head of the company; my boss; or for that matter, some random company that could be in the news this week.

I’ve often said that Lenormand in particular seems to benefit from precise and specific questions. With the benefit of time and experience, I will say that pertains to predictive readings in general, no matter the deck.

How might you interpret these cards for your work week? Let me know in the comments.