I thought to do a quick reading this morning, as I drink my morning coffee (Godiva brand pumpkin flavor — was on sale — yum!). I used my Gilded Reverie app and did a two-card reading.

Ship – Tower

Sorry the image looks so small. The app journal export (via email) is low resolution.

My intent was to see what’s in store for my workday.

I sat for a couple of seconds, as I’m not taking any business trips, and wondered about the Tower. Then I laughed, as I quickly realized this was a fairly literal message: I will be traveling to my workplace. Indeed, I have to commute to an office building.

The kicker is that I was pondering whether to stay home today, as I have the occasional option of telecommuting. These cards say it’s not likely.

A reminder that sometimes the simplest solution, or reading, is the best one!

Also, I plan to review the Gilded Reverie app at some point. It’s the best Lenormand app on iOS although it does have room for improvement.