Here is a tableau spread with the Old Castle Lenormand, as a Halloween treat.


Pardon the washed out image, I didn’t have optimum lighting. Below is an enlargable image.

This tableau is for a woman with love on her mind. The short version is that I don’t see much good coming her way.


One interesting thing I noted is that the Heart is in the house of the Mice — it’s in the 23rd position, which corresponds to the number of the Mice — and the Mice are below the Heart. These reinforce each other, and the message of heartache that each one is saying. I like when I see these kind of links in a tableau because it helps me feel I’m “on target,” or tuned into the matter at hand. The last tableau I did had several such links where the cards all seemed to tell a coherent story. That happening is one of the things I Iike most about reading a Lenormand tableau.

This is a visually dark deck, and I’m glad I got to show it on the blog this year. No trees on the house for this Halloween. Phew.

Happy Halloween (or Samhain), everyone!