In my previous post, I used the tarot to take a look at the impact of Justin Bieber’s arrest on his career. As a followup, I thought it would be interested to see what the Lenormand has to say about the same thing. I used my Lenormand ASS Bilder deck — my second favorite deck — and a nine-card square.
I chose the central significator card, the Moon, because I’m looking at the effect on his career, which is basically being a celebrity. So the Moon seemed more appropriate to me than the working man’s Anchor.

Fish – Ring – Bouquet: This shows a positive financial agreement that took place in the past. So we can say that Justin has presumably signed some kind of contract or record deal.

Lillies – Moon – Mice: A supporter or patron of Bieber’s — I am thinking of his manager here — has lowered his opinion. I say this because the Mice are nibbling away at the Moon. Alternately, the Mice indicate anxiety of the patron or manager, regarding Justin’s celebrity status. Either way, I’d expect this person to be dissatisfied with the incident.

Coffin – Rider – Tower: Official news of an illness will arrive in the future. Perhaps attempted justification for Justin’s behavior? This reminds me of the 4 of Swords in my earlier tarot reading. As for the Coffin being illness in this reading, I tend not to see it as an ending when it’s the first card in a pair or trio.

Fish – Lillies – Coffin: This hints that worries about money and his manager are on Bieber’s mind; he doesn’t want to end things with either of them. Alternately, he could be wondering if this will affect the ready availability of easy money and sex. 🙂

Ring – Moon – Rider: Another look at the present, which says that information on Justin’s celebrity status or career is coming to light. Combined with the middle column, I think at the present time, Justin’s manager is doing damage control and ensuring that any deal or contract moves forward.

Bouquet – Mice – Tower: Another look at the future. I read this as fortune is lost due to an official. In practical terms, I’m thinking there will be something negative (to Bieber) as a result of court. Combined with the future column, I suspect Justin’s behavior will be argued to be signs of illness — including use or abuse of any medications — with the result being some minor punishment for him.

Overall, I think this reading dovetails with my earlier tarot reading. There will be some short term impact on Justin, but his money his safe as are any current contracts or deals. Note that the Fish and Ring are both surrounded by positive cards. The Coffin and Mice do both make an appearance, but I don’t think their influence is strong enough to indicate any major downfall for Bieber.

Do you see this reading differently? Let me know in the comments.