I mentioned previously that I’ve been using the Dreampower Tarot (DPT) and doing daily readings as time permits to help become acquainted with it. This short post captures today’s reading and how I apply it to the events of my day.

DPT_daily_20140303Clockwise from top left:
9 Water – Fertility, Queen of Messengers, The Tangler, Ace of Earth, Ace of Fire

The 9 Water started my day. I suppose this card can have some relations to the 9 of Cups or “wish card,” but that’s certainly not how my day started!

I have another cold —  germs and illness pass back and forth like a hot potato at my workplace — and I was awake off and on from 3am last night; so my day wasn’t off to a 9 of Cups start. This card is titled Fertility, and if anything was moving and increasing this morning, it would be germs or my stuffy nose. I could also talk about the liquids I tried to keep drinking throughout the morning, to stay hydrated. Or even the fact that at work, we have consultants in to help implement a newly purchased product, which involved creativity of a sort.

The Queen of Messengers — akin to the Queen of Swords — had me stumped, until I received a short and “to-the-point” personal email from a woman I know, which required a timely response. I feel the context fits this card. I completely overlooked the obvious, which is that this woman is a writer. I later confirmed that she is an air sign as well. It’s actually neat how well she fits the air elemental Queen’s traits!

The Tangler can hold things back, or provide the way out. I received some information about changes at work that had me feeling trapped, in a way. I later put things in perspective as the changes affect me — but only indirectly. So any tangles holding me down are of my own invention. This is in keeping with my understanding of the Tangler. (Interestingly, the Tangler is also alleged to have appeared as a man in business garb during the deck creation process.)

The numbers, or pips, in this deck are based on the four elements and elemental creatures, rather than man-made objects which control the elements. The keywords are aligned in this direction, with titles meant to get thoughts moving towards what a given element is doing for each number card.

In this reading, I see the Ace of Earth as a heaviness and a new material start. It does fit the beginning of the aforementioned work project, and it’s a reminder of the “heaviness” I felt by the time I got home. This cold is really wearing me down!

The central Ace of Fire is the burst of creative energy that is running through me this evening, as despite my illness and earlier fatigue, I’m experiencing a writing streak. A burst of ideas and enthusiasm has me feeling creatively energized.

Two aces being present multiply the power of creation and emphasize this evening’s creativity. That fire in the center is certainly the elemental opposite of the water that started my day. While “fertility” does sound like something that would go well with an ace, I didn’t feel creative or inspired when my day started, so I’m very aware of the contrast between these two elemental cards as expressed in my morning and evening.

That sums up my daily reading with the Dreampower Tarot. If you have thoughts on this reading, let me know in the comments.