In late January I obtained a copy of the out-of-print Dreampower Tarot, created by R.J. Stewart and illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn. I might have owned this deck back in the mid-90s; the box looked quite familiar. I came across it online and felt compelled to obtain a copy. Fortunately I was able to find the deck at a reasonable price.


It’s very different to the average tarot deck, and purists would not even call it a tarot. There is such a fuss in the online tarot community about what constitutes a tarot deck; and I suppose it’s good to use consistent terms so that people know what they are discussing in mixed company. At the same time, people get on a high horse and can be quite obnoxious about it, which annoys me. But I digress.

The Dreampower Tarot (DPT) has 22 trumps, without titles or numbers on the cards; 16 courts that correspond to the usual tarot courts; and the normal set of numbered element cards, although these depict elements themselves rather than implements (fire instead of wands, water instead of cups, and so on). It is different, and definitely taking time to get used to. I find the court cards especially intriguing. They really stand out to me, and feel like real people in comparison to any other deck I have used.

To get to grips I’ve been doing daily readings as time permits, using a spread from Susyn Blair-Hunt’s book where the day is read with five cards that are generally a flow of time. I like the fact that it allows for more cards in one spread, which I am finding helpful to get to grips with the Dreampower.

Here is one from February 25, where my morning bus commute was surprisingly long due to a mild snowfall:


Clockwise from the top left: The Maze, 5 of Earth – Restriction, The Choir, Queen of Spirits; and 8 of Water – Amalgamation in the center.

I believe the first three cards captured the morning commute and the frustration it entailed. The Maze combined with the 5 of Earth relates to the challenge of getting into the big city, where there were no good routes. (Thank goodness I take a bus!) The earth itself — the roads and the weather — caused this. The Choir continues the frustration and dissension. It also echoes some frustrating circumstances at work that day, which in turn stem from the 5 of Earth; restriction on activity causing chaos, in a sense. The Queen of Spirits is akin to the Queen of Swords, and I did not identify her that day. Finally, everything centers in 8 of Water – Amalgamation, which is things coming together or groups of people. Overall it was a day to commiserate with people at work, so that’s how I choose to read it here.

Have you used the Dreampower Tarot? Let me know in the comments.