I mentioned previously that I’ve been using the Dreampower Tarot (DPT) and doing daily readings as time permits to help become acquainted with it. This short post captures today’s reading and how I apply it to the events of my day.

Or rather, it attempts to capture it. I had a busy workday, I’m still sick, and I should already be in bed as I write this at 10pm. I didn’t have much opportunity to ponder these cards until now, so I apologize if this is cursory. I wanted to record this draw so it doesn’t get lost.

DPT_daily_20140304Clockwise from top left: The Teller, Division, Queen of Ancestors,
9 of Fire – Form, Warrior of Souls

The Teller perhaps alludes to the fresh start today, and the fact that my project at work increased in importance and effort today.

Division makes me think of news that I got from my partner today. He is a social worker, and a client threatened to kill him this morning. He went home for the day, and I couldn’t really do much about it; so we were bonded but apart, not unlike this couple.

The Queen of Ancestors, the earth queen, is associated with prophecy. Here she made me think of: “You shall not pass!” Perhaps someone watching over my partner in his situation; I did not interact with a female in any significant role today.

9 of Fire… well, my partner and I did have a disagreement this evening. Nothing serious, but definitely some in-the-moment friction. A burst of energy but nothing lasting.

Warrior of Souls is the water knight, and in this deck is a perfectly androgynous figure. This is one of the toughest courts for me in this deck. I wonder if it relates to a topic I worked on this evening for my blog, which will be posted tomorrow. The indeterminate sexuality here (which is not meant to relate to our physical, earthly genders) matches up nicely.

I may not post daily Dreampower readings anymore. I don’t want to turn my blog into a journal of daily readings, that aren’t of much interest to anyone but me. Even I don’t find them all that interesting, relative to actual readings! And the Dreampower just doesn’t feel like a daily draw kind of deck to me. But maybe that’s because it’s so new and different.

Do you use the Dreampower? Let me know about your experiences in the comments.