I did a Playing Card Oracle (PCO) reading over the weekend for a woman I will call Deanna. Deanna is most anxious to be in a romantic relationship, and wanted to know when she would find a boyfriend. As I was just getting a feel for the PCO cards and system, I thought I would put them to the test and try out the Cat Spread. This spread incorporates timing, and it can show events for the next year — 52 weeks, since each playing card corresponds to one week.

Question: When will Deanna find a new romantic partner?

reading_PCO_Deanna8 of Spades (Stone Field), 2 of Clubs (Friendship),
King of Spades (Mardoc), 9 of Hearts (Gilles de Rais)

After cutting a card, we make card piles until we get to the cut card. This reading had six piles plus one extra card.

From right to left are piles of four cards each. Each pile is a lunar month, and these show the passing of time before the relevant cards take effect. In this case, I estimated key events related to the question would take place in early September, although looking now I think late August is more correct.

For convenience I will abbreviate these cards as: 8S, 2C, KS, 9H

The cut card and the next three cards provide the reading for the future time of relevance or interest. 8S was the cut card.  The important position for a love reading is the “torso,” which is the third card down.

So around early September is a good time to meet someone or solidify a relationship. Mardoc, the KS, is in the heart position. I like this because the question is about a relationship, and here is a man in the relevant card place. That said, Mardoc wouldn’t be my first choice for a romance. Let’s see what he has going on.

I think Mardoc is a darker and naturally solitary king. Coming from the harsh stone fields of the 8S, and the depicted alone-ness of the 2C, I would say this KS could seem a bit pessimistic and may be going through hard times; yet he is likely to turn out to be surprisingly passionate and tender. This is because the 9H and its overflowing emotions are a good balance to Mardoc. Red hearts (water) and black spades (earth) complement and bring out the better aspects of each other.

This spread looks like the guy (if not both he and Deanna) comes from a place of loneliness, and would strike up a friendship that offers something more over time. This guy would be older than her, and is quite likely a business man — as a King is more mature relative to a Jack, and the earth gives that material focus. This is someone who does focus a lot on career, which is why the passion may be a surprise, even to him.

Geomancy enhances a PCO reading. The numbers of each pip generate a “right witness,” and the colors produce a “left witness.” These figures are combined to create a “judge.” The right witness leads to the left witness, with the judge showing the flow or acting like an outcome of the result.

Right witness: Fortuna Major – good fortune, beneficial situation
Left witness: Cauda Draconis – endings and complications
Judge: Puer – male energies, sex, strong start that doesn’t last

Layering on the geomanctic figures derived from these cards, I see a very strong start to any relationship but it doesn’t seem likely to last, and is likely to have complications. Frankly, I see this as a hot but short fling. That’s not something I told Deanna flat out, as the goal of a reading should be empowerment. Telling her she’ll have a fling could create limiting thoughts or behaviors, so I approached the reading in a more constructive fashion.

It’s always important to keep the goal of a reading in mind: helping someone to navigate life. Readings should at least give encouragement, rather than remove all hope.

I advised Deanna to be careful of issues that might crop up with the KS. There are two potential hot topics in this reading and they are common to many relationships: sex and money. I think money would be the bigger one. For example, the type of man who is driven to success through work would be very frustrated if he found himself without a job — because he wouldn’t be making money, which is his scorecard in the game of life. And with earthy Mardoc coming from the barren stone field there certainly could be a lack of money on his part!

This wasn’t meant to be discouraging. I reminded Deanna that forewarned is forearmed, and futures change based on actions today. In this reading a man did appear in a heart position, and next to a positive heart card that brings out his best features or traits. That promises opportunity. Just remember that connections run in two directions, and both people need to reach out to each other. That can be tough when you’re used to being alone.

Do you have other thoughts on this reading? Let me know in the comments.