Can the cards pinpoint someone’s sexual orientation? For a decent reader, I expect they can. It’s arguably not so different than reading to determine the sex of an unborn baby. Of course, looking at it another way, it’s not so different than reading about anything else: have a question that matters, focus properly, set the correct intention along with a precisely worded question and apply carefully honed reading techniques. (Don’t forget to bring intuition along for the ride!)


Back in 2008 when I first discovered the Lenormand, I learned of such techniques which seemed more cut and dried than other cards. I was fascinated by the possibility that cards could be used this way. It promised to be a supplemental “gaydar”(1), and as a gay man I was intrigued that it was possible at all. But it’s not something I practiced, as it wasn’t something I needed in daily life.

This week I was curious about a man named Michael(2). Here is an opportunity to experiment with this reading technique! Since I’ve been enjoying my Playing Card Oracles recently, I opted to use them. However, I chose a spread I’ve been using a lot with the tarot.

I phrased my precise question: Is Michael gay? I further set an intention that the deck would show me by using masculine or feminine cards to show where Michael is coming from — that is, a masculine card would show heterosexual male interests, whereas a feminine card would show the opposite. This isn’t about behaviors, just sexual interests.

PCO_IsMichaelGayReading: Is Michael Gay?

This spread is in the form of the Tree of Life. The cards run from the first card on top — which relates to the question — to the last card on the bottom, which is the answer. The answer can come from the last card, perhaps confirmed by other key cards according to the question; while interpreting every card builds up a fuller picture of how the answer or outcome happens.

The first card is the Jack of Clubs – Lancelot du Lac, who is an androgynous young man. Very fitting when the question is about Michael’s unknown sexual orientation. As an answer, the definitely masculine Pampero – Jack of Spades answers clearly, according to the question and my intention. This indicates that Michael is on the heterosexual side of the fence.

From here I looked to the seventh card, the 2 of Hearts – Love, in the position relating to emotions.(3) Visually this card shows a man and woman tied together, and to me it emphasized male-female relationships.

Then I looked at the ninth card, which here is the 5 of Hearts – Fata Morgana. The lovely maiden is doing her best to attract a man. Seems like a good indicator of heterosexual interest to me.(4)

In this particular variation of the Tree of Life, the 5th card represents something that is not present. Here we see lovely Fortuna, the Lady of Clubs. Going back to the intention I set, this suggests that “feminine interests” are missing. Or, worded another way, that Michael has no attraction to men.

In summary, this spread indicates that Michael is not gay. Observing Michael further, I believe this to be the case.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

(1) Gaydar is a play on “radar,” and refers to an ability to sense when some is gay, even when there seem to be no visible signs of such.

(2) Michael isn’t the guy’s real name. Rather, it’s a reference to the song Michael by the band Franz Ferdinand, which has some homoerotic lyrics. This post title is from the lyrics; I’m not actually looking for Michael to come dance with me!

(3) The 7th position is Netzach on the Tree of Life, and is related to the planet Venus.

(4) The 9th position precedes the situation in the 10th/outcome. It’s related to the Moon and here I read it as sexual drive or attraction.