We were expecting contractors to visit at work recently, to start a working session bright and early Monday morning. There was a lot of snow moving into the area, and we were predicted (a weather forecast) to get lots of snow in our area. I anticipated this could cause delayed or cancelled flights at the airport. With the onset of my cold over the weekend, I admit I wouldn’t have minded this happening. Although I didn’t really want a big snowstorm, either!

I thought this would be a good question for the cards, so I asked: Will the contractors be in the office on Monday as planned? Using my Lo Scarabeo tarot in a spread that I will describe below:

WillTheyBeAtOfficeMondayThe Fool10 of Cups – 9 of Coins – Queen of Coins

This spread is like the essentials of an answer. The top card is the root of the matter, which most often should relate to the question or situation. The bottom right card is the positive aspect, or what is present in the situation. The bottom left card is the negative aspect, or what is missing. The bottom center card is the culmination of the other cards, and is the outcome.

Paul Hughes-Barlow might call the bottom row “thesis” (right), “antithesis” (left) and “synthesis” (center) — the basis of elemental dignities.

The Fool as root of the matter seems very apt: I wondered if the people were going to be able to make their journeys, or even start their travels. I liked the fact that the Fool was in this position, because as a card that shows a journey beginning, it fit the nature of the question and made me feel that the cards were on target.

The Queen of Coins wasn’t so forthcoming to me right away. She made me think of the weather — mother nature herself. Apparently the weather would be in evidence, but in a positive way.

The 10 of Cups is the negative. This is often a card of home and happiness; and as a negative, suggests that being home won’t be an option.

Finally, the outcome card is the 9 of Coins. I basically took this as a positive aspect and a “success” card. All combined, I thought this reading said the contractors would make it in.

Actual outcome: Locally we got fair amount of snow between Saturday night and Sunday morning, but not in the quantities originally forecast. There were two contractors. One arrived on time Monday morning; the other came at lunchtime, due to weather delays at his airport. (Neither was female, in case you wondered, given that Queen of Coins.)