I recently mentioned that the Dreampower — at least, with my current stage of learning that deck — wasn’t lending itself to daily readings. I thought a more defined spread might help to give a framework to my readings.*

With that in mind, I did a daily reading for Friday and used the four elements as my spread. From right to left, these are fire, water, air and earth positions.

DPT_daily_20140307King of Spirits (Fire), Observatory, Stairway, Knight of Messengers (Air)

Fire can be the root of things, and therefore beginnings or the past. The Knight of Messengers was  apt to start my day: network-related issues at work caused problems with a product my team supports. My day started with emails and phone calls, while I determined there was a problem; ensured someone was able to work on it; and managed affected peoples’ expectations. This is all communication and air. As a bonus correspondence, I was riding the bus at the time, and Knights are about movement.

The Stairway is the central trump of this deck, and can represent the choice to go up or down. In the water position it is about emotions or needs. This card made me think of emotional ups-and-downs after the communications of the Knight. Realistically, nobody was as worked up as me, which lends emphasis to the choice. I “chose” to be concerned. It also shows a need to control my emotions, by being in a place where I am centered.

The Observatory is one of my favorite images. It shows an incomplete or dissolving building that looks like a chapel, floating in space. It represents a shift of perception. Here in the air position of thoughts or wants, it shows a mental adjustment I made at work. I realized that while there are changes at work lately which I’m unhappy about, most of them affect me indirectly. So unhappiness stems from the way I choose to take things personally. That really lightened my spirits! It also ties in with the choices of the Stairway.

Another possibility for the Observatory relates to my evening. My partner treated me to dinner, as between our schedules and my long-running cold, we’ve not spent much time together lately. Our dinner date was an opportunity to feel reconnected. I wasn’t feeling great (as the King of Spirits below will explain), but we’d looked forward to this all week, so I wanted to go anyway. We had a nice time with good conversation between us. It fits the Observatory as a quiet event where we made a mental (air) connection.

…this King — no matter the deck — has been following me lately across readings.

The King of Spirits in the earth position in an interesting card. This position is about material things or the body, and the outcome the other cards are leading to. The reason it’s interesting is that this King — no matter the deck — has been following me lately across readings. I have yet to figure out who or what he is. In practical terms, I felt this was showing the fire in my system on Friday. I’ve been experiencing stomach upset lately, and on Friday I had a definite flareup. I think allergens (which cause inflammatory response) were on the loose as well, so I felt awful in the morning. In fact, I spent the day in a room that tended to be overly warm. So all around it’s fair to say fire was making itself known.

That sums up my daily reading. If you have other thoughts, please share them in the comments.

* Incidentally, the Dreampower has the concept of a “natural layout,” which is a full 22 card spread such that each position gets its meaning from a trump.