While I’d love to say that’s the title of my new Edwardian thriller, it relates to a conundrum I’ve had for the last few weeks. I’ve been followed in my readings by the King of the fire element. It’s been the noble King of Wands in the Waite-Smith, the adder who is the Wildwood Tarot’s King of Bows, and the King of Spirits whose face emanates flames from the Dreampower Tarot.

Lo Scarabeo Tarot - King of Wands

King of Wands – Lo Scarabeo Tarot Deck

It’s been a variety of readings, from job and career to my recent Dreampower daily. I am not sure who this King represents but he must be significant to be stalking me. I generally treat the Kings (and Queens) as actual people in a spread. He could be an individual with a fire sign; or he could be a male with strong powers of creativity, charisma, influence or a big temper.

The handy thing about being a card reader is that you can always try to answer questions by doing readings. So that’s what I did! I used the Playing Card Oracles four-card spread, and asked, “Who or what is the King of Fire in my life at this time?”

stalked_by_a_fiery_kingTop to bottom:
10 of Hearts (Allegra), 6 of Diamonds (Tower), 8 of Clubs (Scales), Ace of Diamonds


I’m going to start with the geomancy, which generates two witnesses from the card numbers and colors; and a judge by combining the witnesses. These frame a reading, and can provide an answer themselves.

The geomancy shows a protector who saves the day, and arguably answers the reading before looking at the cards.

The left witness is Tristitia, a generally unfavorable figure linked with Saturn and sadness. The right witness is Puer, linked with Mars and things like masculinity, sex and aggression. The judge is Fortuna Minor, which I call the Sun at night — it’s a decent figure, with short term luck and success via outside assistance. These figures make me think of a protector; someone who comes to guard me or save the day in a time of trouble.

The Cards

The top card is Allegra, which depicts a huntress who is so sure of what (or who) she seeks that a blindfold is no impediment. She is followed by a diamond card, which weakens her a bit.

Allegra is water, and she is incompatible with the Tower, which is fire.

The next two cards are interesting, in that they carry implications of vantage points. The tower provides a high place from which to see what’s going on, and the scales sit in a window among the clouds. These cards (which are compatible by element) make me think of someone trying to get a jump on what’s ahead, by keeping a clear head and watching from a good vantage point. Because Allegra isn’t compatible with the tower, I think the vantage points are being used to watch for her.

The 8 of Clubs (air) is compatible with the Ace of Diamonds (fire).

The bottom card is the Ace of Diamonds, the root of the fire cards in this deck. It features a compressed diamond and a dragon. While it has to do with transformation and energy and fiery things, it’s also a good card to relate to my King of Fire. The Ace is the base of this spread, which makes it the foundation of the stack and ties into the subject of this reading. It is also very compatible with the 8 of Clubs above.


Overall, I get the impression that the King of Wands is someone who is — or will be — looking out for me in a time of trouble. The lady in this spread strikes me as an antagonist, a wiley huntress who is after me. She is weakened by the vigilance of the power of fire, which stays mentally alert while climbing the tower and can see any threats from on high. The benefit of having friends in high places!

Have you been stalked by a card? Do you see something else in this reading? I’d love to hear about your experiences as well as your thoughts, in the comments.